… oh wait, a React tutorial!

Being sick is usually great, get to stay home from the day job and practice coding… unless you get the flu and your whole body aches. Anyway, I’m alive and well and on the tail end of the sickness started up a Go tutorial but promptly go distracted and began browsing the web.

However, Go seems like it’s a nice language to use. I like that they take away all the flame war things about spacing and formatting of the code and just force their will on you. I imagine for some, that’s a non-starter.

Onto React!

In my browsing and subsequent podcast listening, I came across Zac Braddy’s React in Motion course. And I finally caved, I began learning more about JS front end development. It’s going quite nciely, Zac structured the course to start with high level concepts that he (supposedly) will dive into deeper later in the course. Either way, I think this should be a good structured way to continue the JS journey I’ve been refusing to start. Perhaps followed up by a different book or course that can further reinforce what I’m learning.