I bought a few different .dev names in the recent release. Maybe you used one to get to this page? That would be neat! There was a lot of buzz in the different Slack channels I’m in about the .dev namespace and I definitely jumped on that bandwagon.

Also just finished my first Top Coder challenge for the Veteran community. It’s a https://github.com/garyray-k/breakoutRemix.

It was fun to make, I used some pre-generate GameObjects from a previous Unity3D tutorial and slapped some new scripts on them. The most challenging part was handling the Upgrades in the game. There was a lot of state management and manipulation to ensure upgrades weren’t all over the place and that the gracefully entered and exited the game when appropriate. Maybe it will be my first Software Dev paycheck? That would be neat and would nicely justify and offset my domain name purchases, haha!

I stopped the React course to start doing Top Coder and probably won’t get back to React for a while. Based on a future prospect, I’ll be https://learnrubythehardway.org/book/”. Probably not as useful as learning React but we’ll see.