I came in second place for the Top Coder. There were a few bugs… err… features in my game that I had a few points deducted for. Still a pretty cool site and I think I’ll try for some more challenges in the future. I suppose I can call my self a professional developer now. Based solely on the definition of: if you get paid to do it, you’re a “professional”.

Also have been diving into “Learn Rails 5.2: Accelerated Web Development with Ruby on Rails”. So far so good, the MVC pattern that Rails uses is exactly what I learned when digging into the ASP.NET Core project/API that I built. Of course, it’ll be good to actually dig into the ‘V’ part of that acronym since I only finished the ‘MC’ part of my project.

As nice and clean as .NET and C# is, Rails seems so much more friendly with the “rails console”. So many things you can do from the console that make building out your models a breeze. Maybe I missed a tool for .NET that would give me similar functionality, but I enjoy the rails console.

Then there is the easy to read language of Ruby. Since it’s all designed to be human readable from a language standpoint, it’s easy enough to pick up on what’s happening by just reading the code. I think I’ll recommend this to anyone that’s got some programming experience but looking for a new language since it’s easy to understand but you still need to understand programming concepts for it to make sense.

Haven’t forgotten that React course, just putting it on pause for a moment…