I’m about two weeks out from my internship with SIXGEN and super excited to start working and learning in the civilian world.

Just wrapped up Wes Bos’s Javascript 30 course. Learned some good fundamentals (I think), but really learned a lot more about how CSS works and it’s interaction with JS.

Time to add another goal Make my site pretty. I think with the basics in JS30, I could make my site a bit more than what it currently is. I’m glad I was able to finish this within 30 days (even with a week long cruise to the Bahamas).

Other random thoughts:

  • Kali Linux Revealed has a lot of good basic Linux stuff in it. I’ve cleared up a bit more on the file system layout with Linux and learned that you can setup a custom auto-install for Debian based Linux. Can’t say that I have a use case now for a custom auto-install but it’s good to know. - I had issues with running Kali-Live on my MSI because it has an NVIDIA card in it. Learned that you can throw Kali some extra options at the boot menu to modify the boot. When you get to the boot menu, you can press ‘e’ and it give you the commands being run to boot. To enable boot on my MSI, I had to change ‘splash’ to ‘nouveau.modeset=0’. From my understanding, this has something to do with the power drawn by the GPU on boot. Either way it works, which has allowed me to turn an external 1TB SSD (using Kali-Live with persistence) into my portable Kali SSD. The goal will be setting up a Dev environment on it, but first I need to lock it down and configure it a bit more.

  • Write a YNAB App for MagicMirror (Node.js/Electron)
  • LearnRubyTheHardWay using only keyboard - in progress
  • Finish Reading Clean Code by Bob Martin - in progress
  • Finish Reading Kali Linux Revealed
  • Work on OperationCode security audit
  • Work on FactionC2 Module
  • Create my RadonTestManager in Ruby on Rails
  • ~~Setup old tower as home media server
  • ~~JavaScript30 (JS/HTML/CSS)
  • ~~Resolve URL validation issue for Operation Code