What a journey! My 30th birthday has come and went and I don’t have an app in the iOS App Store. Starting out I was very optimistic and began with Xamarin given my C# learnings and background. That went well enough until I came to the UI. I couldn’t quick grasp how to componentize the UI so I could reuse bits and pieces and not just have a massive XML file that was my UI code. So I started poking around at other cross platform frameworks to use and came across React Native. Spending some time on PluralSight, I found the React concepts to be easy to digest and the best part was… TypeScript support! I could keep my strongly typed habits while using a flexible framework and language.

Rules Lawyer itself will be an app that allows players of the Pathfinder Roleplaying game to track their character sheets from a mobile device. I am firstly targeting the iOS platform because at the time of this writing an App for this doesn’t exist. There’s a phenomenal Android app called Pathbuilder but he has yet to release an iOS version, and from my understanding, does not plan to.

To see the current ugly UI of the app, checkout https://youtu.be/O2T0DRBZMg4